22 Songs Of Struggle

Given the widespread outrage at the killing of George Floyd and the resulting Black Lives Matter protests on both sides of the Atlantic, I thought it might be timely to post up on Facebook some important songs of the past that brought the struggle of black people into the popular arena, especially during the Civil Rights era. All are classics, loved by millions, but hopefully this will offer some context with regards to the times in which they were made and the weight of their subsequent cultural significance. Continue Reading →


Super Weird Substance Digital

Although this time of uncertainty has caused us to postpone our further vinyl plans, we’re going to continue regularly issuing new digital tracks and remixes, the first 3 of which are now available – ‘Love’ by The Emanations, ‘Eternal Desire’ by Soulsmoke and ‘Moonlight (Kept Us Up)’ by Guevarism. Continue Reading →


Last Festival ‘Til When?


I’d originally intended to post this on my blog at the same time as I uploaded the mix from Adelaide (outlined below), but having made a start, I found it difficult to fully apply myself, continually catching myself procrastinating, so I put the mix up on its own a few weeks ago, and gave myself until the end of the month to finish this. It’s not just the writing, as I’ve since discovered has also been the case with numerous others at this time I’ve found it difficult to apply myself to anything connected with my work – my only blog posts in tribute to recently departed black music icons Manu Dibango, Bill Withers and Hamilton Bohannon. Continue Reading →


Andrew Weatherall

Andrew Weatherall

As with House music supremo Frankie Knuckles in 2014, the unexpected death of Andrew Weatherall, apart from being a huge shock to all within the club / music community, represents a sudden juncture where a now older generation, once so vital with ideas and innovation, ponders its own mortality, the passage of time underlined with the passing of one of its heroes – a true UK great whose place, as both DJ and pioneering remixer, is assured in the history books, key to the understanding of dance culture and its evolution. So, this was especially sobering news to hear on Monday, social media awash with a genuine outpouring of loss.

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Substance Select Vol.2

SWSEP002 both

It’s taken a little while, but we’re finally ready to release some new material on the Super Weird Substance label. Watch out for a spate of digital releases in the coming months, but in the meantime, to kick things off we have the 2nd in the limited vinyl ‘Substance Select’ series, this time focusing on a single artist, the Serbian band Bella Technika with 4 tracks included – 3 remixes and an unreleased original.

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