Hedonism 1988


Whilst London’s Acid House era is defined by nights like Shoom, Spectrum, Future and The Trip, there was also a crucial off-the-beaten-track warehouse party in Alperton near Wembley called Hedonism, which helped define the spirit of the era. Although there were only a quartet of gatherings in all, taking place between February and May ’88 (the event originally intended as a one-off), their impact would resonate throughout the capital.

Key DJ was Colin Faver, who, as I’ve stated elsewhere, was one of the first DJs to champion House in London, alongside the likes of Noel & Maurice Watson, Eddie Richards, Mark Moore and Jazzy M, well ahead of the fabled Ibiza excursion in 1987. Colin sadly died last year – I wrote a few words about him here:

There’s an in-depth lowdown from veteran club commentator, Phil Cheeseman, including a candid contribution from Simon Gordon, Hedonism’s prime mover, as well as testimonials from other main players. There’s also a wonderful photo gallery, including over 170 shots, the site providing a fitting tribute to a moment in time, when dance culture was flexing to emerge from the Acid House underground into full mainstream consciousness.


Hedonism Website:

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