Colin Faver

Colin Faver

Only just heard the sad news that DJ Colin Faver died last Saturday – he was 63.

I first met Colin back in the early ’80s, when he was resident at London’s Camden Palace. This was undoubtedly one of the leading venues in the UK at the time and I was fortunate to get to play there myself in December 1983 as part of the Haçienda Revue tour, which also featured legendary Manchester breakdance crew Broken Glass and Mike Pickering’s band of the time, Quando Quango.

The track I’ll forever associate with Colin is François Kevorkian’s mix of Kraftwerk’s ‘Tour De France’, which I remember him having as a test pressing – it was the first time I’d heard this stunning mix, now regarded as a classic.

Around this time I often cited Colin amongst my favourite DJs – he was certainly someone who knew his stuff, as well as being a really sound approachable guy with no ego about him. After I’d stopped DJing at the end of 1983 I still kept in touch with him and we would hook up from time to time when I came down to London during subsequent years, and after I moved to the city later in the decade.

As a key presenter on Kiss FM, as well as an in demand club DJ, Colin was in a position of influence as Acid House exploded. The last time I would have seen him would have been during the Rave period – he was certainly one of the pioneers of the House and Techno scenes from a London perspective, although his role has become increasingly marginalised in the history as the years have rolled on.

As a positive consequence of this sombre news, hopefully his place as a forward- thinking DJ prepared to push at the barriers will now be re-assessed.

Colin Faver Mixmag Obituary:

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  1. Stu September 10, 2015 at 5:50 pm #

    I was first made aware of Colin back in 1992 whilst working with my Dad aged 17. The Pet Shop Boys were guesting for Simon Bates on Radio 1 and they had a different DJ do a mix every day. This was ground breaking at the time I thought considering this was daytime radio! It certainly left an impression on my tastes at the time. Thanks for everything Colin.


  2. Joe September 15, 2015 at 12:32 pm #

    From late nights a teenager glued to the outer limits Kiss FM show to feeling the full techno force of Colin at the Q club in Birmingham, important times for me.

    So Thank You Colin and Peace.

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