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Summer Schedule 2014

The summer / festival season kicks in for me this weekend with gigs in Preston, Bath, Bristol and London. It’s going to be a full-on summer, with festival appearances a-plenty, plus European dates in Ibiza, Croatia, Holland and Portugal. Hope to see you in a club, a warehouse, in a tent, or on a boat, even down a rabbit hole or some tunnels (Liverpool a week Saturday), not to mention a bombed out church (Liverpool again, this time in July).

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Roger Eagle Remembered

Roger Eagle

Roger Eagle died 15 years ago today. For those who don’t know who I’m talking about, don’t bother looking for info about him on Wikipedia, for, somewhat unbelievably, he still has no entry – yet this guy should have statues in 2 cities for, suffice to say, without him, both Manchester and Liverpool’s cultural heritage would be substantially poorer. He was a musical maven that made so much happen in ’60s Manchester and ’70s Liverpool, before returning to Manchester in the ’80s. He was there, right in the midst of things, at a series of crucial moments spanning the eras of the Mods, the Hippies, the Punks and the Ravers. His legacy was finally brought into focus via the 2012 Bill Sykes book ‘Sit Down! Listen To This!’. I blogged about it here, hopefully it will help shine some light on the true gravitas of this man:

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