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If you’re involved in making music / working within the music industry, I’d urge you to take the time to listen to this interview with Mark from International Feel, the Uruguayan based label that’s been making a big stir within underground dance circles. It’s great to hear such a refreshing perspective, one which articulates many of my own feelings about how artists and their music should be A&R’d and marketed in the current climate.

The interview appears on Jez Proctor’s Innersounds blog:

I remixed Rocha’s ‘Feel The Love’ earlier this year for International Feel – it’s something of a personal favourite:

It was a pleasure to do business with Mark, his terms of payment being half upfront and the remainder on delivery, which is totally contrary to the usual record company rigmarole – as illustrated in this wonderfully observed gem of an animation he put me onto:

I have to admit that, somewhat embarrassingly, I ended up forgetting who I’d got this link from and, boomerang style, sent it back to Mark a couple of months later, asking if it was something he’d seen. Very admirably, he was courteous enough not to tell this senile old fool that he’d emailed it to me in the first place.

Mark is exactly the kind of person, and International Feel the type of label, that restores my faith in the music business. My own experience of record companies, especially during the late ’80s / early ’90s when I was witnessing things close-up, left a cynical scar on my soul, so it’s great when you see that the maverick spirit is still alive and kicking here and now – without it we’d have never had such a rich diverse culture of music in the first place.

International Feel Discogs:

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