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After having to put the Super Weird Substance label on the backburner for a while (although we were still very much active with last year’s ’14 Hour Super Weird Happening’ and the ‘Alan Moore’s Mandrill Meets Super Weird Substance At The Arts Lab Apocalypse in Liverpool’, we are now in the process of recalibration – the first step being this limited-run 12”, featuring 2 tracks previously released on the label that sold out of existing vinyl supplies, with a demand building since, plus 2 more never previously available on vinyl. The record can be ordered here:

I made a conscious decision late last year to put more of my time into recording, remixing and reworking. I’ve been so busy with all manner of stuff that, looking back over last year, I realised that I had hardly done anything in the studio during 2017, and that this needed to be rectified, and even compensated. So in the past 6 months, apart from finishing off and seeing ‘Credit To The Edit Vol 3’ released on CD (vinyl twin-pack coming soon), I’ve been beavering away in separate collaborations with Peza, Henry Greenwood and my son Ché on a number of tracks, around a dozen now I mentally count them off, which will begin to see the light of day in due course (a few already appear in my live DJ mixes on SoundCloud).

The first of these is already out and about and destined to become an anthem of this sizzling summer if early plays are anything to go by. It’s ‘Out The Window’ by Brisbane band, Confidence Man, signed to Heavenly who look like they’re about to blow up in a big way – the first of a handful of mixes Ché and I have completed in the past few months. Check it out here:

Some of the tracks we’ve been working on will be included on ‘Substance Select Vol 2’ later in the year, but back to Vol 1:


Mixed by Luxxury, the opening track is the labels best-known release. ‘Summer Came My Way’ has bubbled away for the last few years, amassing 120,000 SoundCloud plays to date under its own steam. The original 12” sold out quickly, so a re-press has been in the pipeline for more than a little while. This time the track is accompanied by a new video, courtesy of Manchester-based filmmaker Richard Stout, who really caught the mood with his suitably subdued interpretation of this melancholically uplifting ode to summer. This is the track that first highlighted Merseyside twins, The Reynolds, which led to their own release, which we’ll get to in a minute.


Countercultural connector, David Bramwell, set up Oddfellow’s Casino an outlet for his song writing and recording, this particular track inspired by the 2017 John Higgs book ‘Watling Street’. My mix with Peza was sent out to a few selected DJs including Harvey, who duly played it at his award-winning Pikes residency in Ibiza during the final weeks of summer ’17. When a video from Pikes that featured the track was uploaded and widely shared, there was a scramble as DJs tried to ID the ‘vocoder track’. Comic Book hero Alan Moore makes a cameo on the track, whilst our remix adds new vocals from The Reynolds.


A Disco-Funk jam that immediately grabs you by the groove, The Super Weird Society is a collective we took on the road for a series of festival appearances during 2017 consisting of Kermit Leveridge, The Reverend Cleve Freckleton and The Reynolds (who, as you’ve no doubt gathered, provide a thread between all 4 tracks). This came out of the collaboration, built around an idea of Henry Greenwood’s (who mixed the track), and has never previously been available on vinyl.


Following the heartening reception for ‘Summer Came My Way’, The Reynolds undertook an accomplished cover of Bessie Banks’ classic slice of uplifting rare soul. Once again, this is a track I mixed with Peza, who also programmed / played to great effect. Another DJ Harvey pick, it perhaps most notably garnered support from legendary DJ Colin Curtis, who championed the Besse Banks original at the hallowed Northern Soul club, the Blackpool Mecca, back in the ‘70s.

Released on the same day as ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 100’ – go on give yourself an option.

Super Weird Substance Website:

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