Greg Wilson’s Discotheque Archives #8

Discotheque Archives #8The eighth edition of my ‘Discotheque Archives’ series for DJ Mag is now online, featuring more landmarks in pre-Rave club culture:

ANITA SARKO –  Working in NYC’s postpunk downtown arts scene,  playing New Wave, No Wave, Punk, Reggae, African, Funk and Rap, Anita Sarko forced her way into the vanguard of a male dominated industry. She made her name at the Mudd Club before moving to the Danceteria, whilst later working at The Palladium.

WEST END RECORDS – Founded in 1976 by Mel Cheren and Ed Kushins, NY’s West End became one of the quintessential underground dance labels of the late ‘70s / early ‘80s. Working closely with Larry Levan, West End enjoyed a whole array of cutting-edge club hits, road-tested on the Paradise Garage’s seminal system.

THE WAREHOUSE – Mike Wiand’s club boasted a fine sound system / impressive lightshow, pioneering this combination in the UK, with Argentinian born American, Greg James at the helm, playing upfront NYC Disco releases. Monday’s Roxy / Bowie sessions incorporated new British electronic releases with Ian Dewhirst taking over.

SHACK UP –  In 1975 a single by a new funk band out of Washington, D.C. appeared on the United Artists label, ‘Shack Up’, with a killer break that would subsequently find favour with an emerging wave of Hip-Hop DJs. Banbarra were surely set for big things, but they’d vanish almost without trace, leaving nothing behind but a great get down groove, and wonderings of what might have been.

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