Greg Wilson’s Discotheque Archives #4

Discotheque Archives #4

The fourth edition of my ‘Discotheque Archives’ series for DJ Mag is now online, featuring more landmarks in pre-Rave club culture:

COUNT SUCKLE – One of the founding fathers of UK bass culture, originally a sound system DJ playing Rhythm & Blues, who later introdued Jamaican music to a London club audience.

ZE RECORDS – Once the height of New York hip, ZE Records famously merged the unlikely bedfellows of punk and funk to create a sound that epitomised the early ’80s downtown scene.

COSMIC – Taking its cues from New York’s ’70s hedonism, Lake Garda’s Cosmic Club offered up Italy’s own distinctive take on the disco experience.

BUFFALO GALS – Sex Pistols manager and Svengali Malcolm McLaren introduced the four elements of hip hop to a video audience via this electro-funk masterwork.

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