Greg Wilson’s Discotheque Archives #3

Discotheque Archives 3

The third edition of my ‘Discotheque Archives’ series for DJ Mag is now online, featuring more landmarks in pre-Rave club culture:

KOOL HERC – The godfather of Hip Hop, Herc’s South Bronx parties back in the ’70s were the catalyst for what would become a global movement.

PRELUDE RECORDS – Between the demise of Disco in the late ’70s and rise of House from the mid-’80s, New York’s Prelude was the key label in connecting the two era’s.

CRACKERS – Located in London’s Soho, Crackers would be an essential black music venue between 1973 and 1981, originally with DJ Mark Roman, then George Power.

ROCK YOUR BABY – This multi-million selling Miami produced single by George McCrae helped usher in the Disco era following its 1974 release.

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