Time Capsule

Originally written November 2011:
I wanted to do something to mark the 30th anniversary of when I made my club debut, on December 6th 1975 at the Chelsea Reach in New Brighton, and I came up with the idea of compiling a selection of 25 singles that I was carrying in my record crates at the time. I called this selection ‘First Impressions’ (named after one of the tracks included) and pressed up a limited run of CDs, whilst the Six Million Steps website also hosted it and made it available to download. I described it in the accompanying text as ‘something of a time capsule, providing a snapshot of what many would describe, with hindsight, as the Proto-Disco period’.‘

First Impressions’ would give birth to what, for the next 21 months, would prove to be a true labour of love, the ‘Time Capsule’ series, which I put together for the online radio station Samurai FM (with Six Million Steps also hosting the programmes). The objective was to build a veritable dance music archive, to help illustrate how the Disco era evolved from a UK perspective, which was so different to how things unfolded in the States. I did this by including the records that I bought and played in the clubs, month by month, giving background on the releases, whilst outlining my own early experience as a young upcoming DJ. The series was put on hold after September ’77 for reasons explained in this blog post, which also contains a full description on the series: