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Greg Wilson Versions 2005-2013

I’ve been giving the studio computer a bit of a spring clean, sorting everything into the correct folders and generally getting myself better organised. Given that I’ve entered a new phase, as far as remixing is concerned, partnering up with Derek Kaye nowadays, I think this is a good time to clear the decks and make the work I did between 2005-2013 available to stream via SoundCloud as a complete collection – 40 tracks in all.

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Dancing In The Darkness

Japan No Dancing

Last Monday, the latest film in the Resident Advisor ‘Real Scenes’ series was uploaded. Focusing on Tokyo, and how the ever-increasing implementation of an old morality law, known as Fueiho, which was originally aimed at curbing prostitution, is forcing dance music venues to close and, in the process, serving to dismantle Japan’s reputation as one of the club capitals of the world.

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Having been fortunate enough to spend some time in Japan during recent years, experiencing the inimitable enthusiasm of a Japanese crowd during my DJ appearances there, the terrible tragedy which has befallen the country is something I feel a need to comment on in some small way. It wouldn’t sit right with me to make a normal blog post this week when I know that people with whom I’ve shared such good times are currently facing fear and uncertainty as they try to come to terms with the full gravity of the situation now confronting their nation.

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