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Life And Death On The New York Dance Floor 1980-1983

Life And Death On The New York Dancefloor

Back in the early 2000s, when I began to explore the internet properly, discovering a number of DJ forums discussing dance culture and its history, it was clear that the early ’80s had been largely obscured. This was the period that followed the supposed death of Disco in 1979 (prompted by the vitriolic racist / homophobic ‘’Disco Sucks’ campaign fronted by WLUP Chicago shock jock Steve Dahl), and preceded the emergence of House music during the mid-’80s.

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Living To Music Update – Sept 2010

Having enjoyed such an auspicious start, Living To Music is catching the imagination of an ever increasing amount of music lovers.  You can read all the comments here for the previous session – Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’:

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