Forum Feedback – Greg Wilson Comeback At Music Is Better, Manchester – 20th December 2003


Nev M (21.12.03) Musically satisfied. That’s rare these days. Martin Red musically satisfied as well that’s even more rare! A few people from Birmingham need to go,and have a listen to Greg then come home, take a look in the mirror, and say ‘what am I doing?’

I for one would would like to be hearing more of Greg. Most of the kids I’m hearing in Birmingham were still playing with Transformers while Greg was already tight as hell so don’t bother trying to catch up it ain’t ever gonna happen!

Such a nice vibe in the Attic too. Nice one Danny you sent three people home very happy last night. I would have driven to John O’ Groats to hear that! Keep it up. The next opportunity to go, and see Greg spin is February. It should be sooner. Much sooner.

Rob J (21.12.03) excellent…i’ll deffo be seeing Greg in Feb.

Danny Webb (21.12.03) Thanks for the kind words Nev, it was a pleasure to meet you, Martin & Erykah. Major thanks to Solid State who did a warm up fit for a king, great discoid vibes aplenty, (looking forward to next year already). As for Greg, I have been struggling to sum it up, but I was completely blown away, I am sure this year he will be making many an appearance, but my advice is go and see him, book him for your club.

Thanks very much, hopefully we can share a bill again. I will try to give a fuller report once the pieces start to reform in my head. At the moment there is a 2hr re-edit whirling round.

Insert Pseudonym Here (22.12.03) I’m always down for the ‘WOW’ factor. Needless to say, I was up for going to Manchester because I’ve never been to Manchester. Plus, I’m Nev’s shadow, thus he rolls, I roll. I like new experiences. However, I have to say that I was IMPRESSED beyond any expectations I’d set for Saturday night. The venue was mad cozy. The door people weren’t fussy. The clientele had their own individual thang(s) going on and it worked. No one was moody or acting shady. It was a pure positive vibe… from back in the day when a party was purely a party.

Then the “piece of resistence” was the MUSIC. Greg Wilson, you do what you do so very well. Personally, thank you for MAKING ME DANCE! I don’t think even if I tried, that I could’ve been up in the Attic the entire night without moving my body. That’s what a party is all about, feeling the vibe and moving your body. The record selection was superb. I appreciated you having such an ecletic and brilliant set. That was the first time that I’ve been in England that I was actually challenged by the music. I left the attic wanting to be a better dancer and a better DJ.

I hope to see on the decks real soon! Kudos G Wilson!

DJ Efabulous

Martin Red (22.12.03) Got the details of where we where going and we went, arrived Manchester and found the club without too much hassle, it’s central Manchester and even though I haven’t been to Manchester for a while we found it OK, up the spiral staircase to the clubs lofty height, Attic is a good name for the venue even though when your up you feel kinda like your underground also, weird Walked in and my neck was snapped back with Dexter-ish modern Electro sounds – likey likey.

Then came Greg … he played a blinder, covered so many areas and kept the floor interested, Metro Area and other newer house stuff I didn’t know, Electro, his own re-edits, Funk, disco in a loveley peaks and valleys kinda way. Props to greg, Proper Bo I tell thee. And in true British tradition.

Had a kebab and went on the journey home, making sure Nev kept his eyes on the road. More applause , then more applause.

P.S: Music in Nevs car for the journey kept us in the mood : a two hour (120min) tape – 1 hour of Greg Wilson circa 1983 1 hour of Ron Hardy circa 1983 (both from DHP)

Oooh, nice to see that guy doing the popping old school I tell ya, guy was straight up popping like back in the day.


Danny (21.12.03) Greg was awesome as far as I am concerned, just fucking brilliant, thanks very much Greg for comng to play, I am sure judging from the reaction that next year will be very busy & very rewarding for you.

Scavenger (21.12.03) yes…it was a stunning night. still reeling. Indescribable.

Solid State (22.12.03) I’m still ‘reel-to-reeling’ myself! Amazing stuff from a genuine master of the craft. 100% relevant sounds, not a single ‘oh, God, not this again!’ moment, no resting on laurels or blagging cred on past reputation alone, Greg really performed and WORKED his music to t’max!!!

An example to us all… he really showed up how lazy many dj’s have become with their choice of music, presentation and technique. Judging by this, days are severely numbered for the ‘same old shit’ brigade. Phenomenal creativity and track programming, some ace new stuff worked in there too… (Metro Area and Chicken Lips for eg). Just great shit, basically… And thanks to Danny and Andy for having me, I really enjoyed myself playing early doors too!

Ralph Lawson (22.12.03) Greg was truly inspirational for me. It was so great to hear a musical journey and learn so much about the history of mixing. Every track was a winner and so many I had never heard before. It was such a refreshing change to hear music mixed without beatmatching. In many ways much neater and a better flow and no nasty sound clashes. It also allowed for tempo changes and drastic shifts in mood which we so lack today. I thought he put it together superbly gave me some great ideas. You must learn your past to understand the present and guess the future! Future Electro Funk… Revox rules!

Scott-La-Roc (23.12.03) Respect to Danny and his crew though for bringing Greg out of the woodwork. Greg Wilson at the Chair next year perhaps? We are currently trying to get him down to El Diablo’s in the near future ourselves so watch this space.

Ralph Lawson (23.12.03) too right Scott, Greg at Electric Chair, he would totally destroy the place.

Leeedge (23.12.03) I’d have to say…
Theo Parrish
Greg Wilson
Francois K
and the track would be Hip Hop Be Bop (Don’t Stop).

At the chair… mental.

Raezor (24.12.03) hohoho….Merry Xmas Evry1! My God! Time flies when you’re enjoying life… Greg Wilson back on the wheels of steel… about f**king time I say!

Greg and I go back millenniums…well to 1978 anyway. That’s 25 years.. So MANY stories, so little time… Good Luck to Greg and to anyone that experiences a ‘live’ Greggo Mix…your brain will NEVER recover, it’s like a lovely drug…


586 (21.12.03) So how was it????

Danny (21.12.03) He was fuckin’ awesome, danced to everything he played knew about ten of em. Promoters book now. Punters seek him out.

Nick (22.12.03) Brilliant night, but how can an ex-Hacienda resident look younger than me??? He looks about 25.

Delfor (22.12.03) I have heard other people say exactly the same. I reckon its all the electrofunk, keeps you young.

Robin (22.12.03) yeah the nite was wicked… great to see the man himself do his thing, great variety of music played, from slower more vocally stuff to a bit of electro-disco through to straight up electro… the residents did a fine job with both danny and roger (?, on before greg) playin some blindin tunes. Cheers to the Music Is Better peeps for putting this on.

Danny (22.12.03) Still trying to piece his set together, but to paraphrase Ralph Lawson, it was great to hear a set that was chopped & spliced rather than faded and beatmatched, a ridiculous amount of energy from the man.

I heard he will be playing in London in Feb with the Idjuts and Chicken Lips, I think I will be there too.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback, it was really worthwhile, and now MiB moves on…

Airfixx (24.12.03) Respect to YOU Greg…Loved the site and can’t wait for Feb – See you in London!!!

586 (24.12.03) yeah – I forgot to say how much I enjoyed the site…superb… I, for one, am looking forward to making the trek from newcastle down to london to hear you play..  

Helen (29.12.03) Just found out that Greg Wilson’s date in London with chicken lips and idjut boys is on Thursday 12th Feb.


Double B (30.12.03) Anyone who missed this night should make a big effort to get down to the next one, it was class!!! Excellent choice of tunes expertly mixed, personal highlight being when Greg mixed Twilight 22 Electric Kingdom out of Egyptian Lovers On the Nile and some of the Warp 9 stuff, very nice indeed. Alot done on laptop, which some peeps are funny about but some also done on the one & twos, to be honest you couldn’t tell the difference. Before Greg came on there was some new school electro mixed by S Blok.
In short a very cool evening and well worth the effort to get along to. It makes the drugs seem even better. 


Suddi (21.12.03) went to see Greg Wilson last night at Music Is Better at The Attic.Blinding selection of tunes… He started off with that acappella ‘the music’s hypnotising… everybodys temp’ rising etc’ and went into some really cool funky grooves tbh I didnt know most of what he played… i dont even know if they were new or not. he did say he was gonna play some of his own stuff – like to know which of these were his own.. great tunes. as expected, a lot of em had a mid 80s bronx kinda production to them… I remember him playing a kinda dub mix of Nunk by Warp 9. Most of the music was in this vein.. soulful, retro and very very funky. It was so refreshing to go to night where they weren’t afraid to play a range of styles… Shame Greg Wilson isn’t the resident but he did say he is doing some London dates soon and more around the UK too. try n catch him if he’s playing near u. a forgotten hero.


I was totally overwhelmed with the warmth I received from everyone following my spot (still can’t bring myself to use the term ‘set’!) at ‘Music Is Better’ on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who came along, especially those who had travelled some distance in what was awful weather. Also thanks to the many well-wishers who didn’t make it, hopefully I’ll get to hook-up with you in the not too distant.

I’ve been genuinely knocked-out by all the positive feedback, both on the night and during the past couple of days via the various forums.

This was almost like a second ‘debut’ for me as far as deejaying goes. I’ve done the odd guest appearance down the years, but always working on a totally retrospective level. Although I enjoyed doing this now and then it wasn’t a road I wanted to go down too often. Closest to my heart were the Monastery events, which ran, on a monthly basis, throughout ’97, but that was as part of a collective of DJ’s and musicians, rather than purely my own thing. This was the first time since I stopped deejaying professionally, in 1984, that I’d consider myself out of retirement, so to speak.

In many ways the night was a ‘tester’ for me, to see if people would be into my approach (both musically and with regards to the equipment I was using), and I couldn’t have hoped for a better response. Thanks to Danny, Andy and all at ‘Music Is Better’ for making me feel so at home. I really liked The Attic, a good compact space with a nice vibe about it, and I look forward to coming back in the future.

During recent months I’ve been sounded out about appearing in various places (Nottingham, Bristol, Sheffield, Leeds etc) and I now feel ready to make further steps. In February I’ll be playing in London and my home city, Liverpool – I’ll forward details in the New Year.

Once again, thanks to everyone for their support, encouragement and education during the past 12 months. It wasn’t that long ago since I was totally ignorant as to what was happening in the clubs, but now I feel like part of an emerging new underground movement, which is both retrospective and contemporary at the same time, providing the ideal conditions for me to be able to properly approach deejaying once more, without compromising my beliefs.

Best wishes to you all for 2004. I’m sure it’s going to prove to be a highly eventful year for those who welcome change. Something’s definitely bubbling under the surface!

Take Care,