Greg Wilson’s Discotheque Archives #7

Discotheque Archives #7The seventh edition of my ‘Discotheque Archives’ series for DJ Mag is now online, featuring more landmarks in pre-Rave club culture:

FRANCIS GRASSO – New York innovator and pioneer of mixing who revolutionized the role of the DJ. He’s acknowledged as the inventor of slip-cueing  in a club environment (this was a technique previously utilized on radio) and later beat-matching – running 2 records together.

SUE RECORDS – A black-owned Rhythm & Blues label, launched in 1957 in New York by South Carolina born Henry ‘Juggy’ Murray Jr.. From a British perspective, the label generates huge kudos, due to its connection with the Mod movement.

TROCADERO TRANSFER – Whilst New York was undeniably the epicenter of club culture throughout the disco era, the West Coast played a strong supporting role via its artists, labels and venues, not least San Francisco’s Trocadero Transfer, located in the city’s SoMa neighborhood. 

GOING BACK TO MY ROOTS – Having previously been part of Motown’s legendary Holland-Dozier-Holland songwriting and production team, Lamont Dozier would record a solo classic, ‘Going Back To My Roots’, in 1977 – inspired by Alex Haley’s Pulitzer Prize winning novel ‘Roots’.

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  1. Edward Bowman October 29, 2016 at 4:45 pm #

    Lamont Dozier Going Back to My Roots is a track one forgets about. Not because its bad, me personally I forget what good track it is.

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