Living To Music Update – Sept 2010

Having enjoyed such an auspicious start, Living To Music is catching the imagination of an ever increasing amount of music lovers.  You can read all the comments here for the previous session – Pink Floyd’s ‘The Dark Side Of The Moon’:

Next up, on Sunday October 3rd at 9.00pm, it’s ‘Abbey Road’.  I’d always had The Beatles in mind for the third session, it was just a matter of which LP. ‘Abbey Road’ (the final one they recorded, but the penultimate one released) is a great introduction for those who aren’t familiar with their albums, whilst it’s a selection I’m sure will meet the approval of those who are.

Thanks to everyone who’s been helping to spread the word via Facebook, Twitter, Text, Email etc. The whole thing is really gaining momentum, and your continued support and participation is greatly appreciated, especially whilst the idea is still very much at a nurturing stage.

DJ Cosmo and Adam Dewhurst are going to be arranging some special ‘Classic Album Sunday’ events in conjunction with Living To Music. These will take place in London, with the albums played over a sound system that takes the listening experience to a whole new level – definitely one for the audiophiles out there. I’ll keep you posted.

It is, of course, important that people refer to the original blog post, which gives the full lowdown, including the guidelines – so here’s the link:

All Living To Music posts to date can be found here:

There’s also a Living To Music Facebook Event Page:

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  1. Danny September 20, 2010 at 12:39 pm #

    Looking forward to this one as Abbey Road is my favourite Beatles album and this just gives me an excuse to listen to it again, not that I need one.
    An almost perfect album except for one song.

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